After spending three months learning about life in Ghana, students held their own African Bazaar. Students were inspired by the story “Beatrice’s Goat” and “One Hen”, both of which tell the story of a character doing  good deeds for others in their community with the money that they raised by selling animal products such as eggs and milk. Instead of spending the money on themselves, the characters in the book used the money to better the lives of the people around them.

The third grade decided to make products to sell at the bazaar that were based on the culture of Ghana, with other African influences. Items such as soap, paintings of the savanna or rainforest, jewelry, and other crafts were sold. Over $600 was raised at the bazaar. 100% of the proceeds are being used to purchase animals to send to people in Ghana so that they too can use the animals to make money, and better the lives of the community that they live in.

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