Students Begin Robotics

This week, students began working with our new Dash robots. Each class split up into teams, and got to meet their robots that were named after the letters in the Greek alphabet (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, etc…).

Students are working on programming the robot to move around, look around, and even tell jokes! Stay tuned for more information on what students are doing with their robots.

Behind the Book

This year, our school has once again partnered with Behind the Book (BTB), an organization that works with students on writing their own professionally bound books by having authors and artists visit the students to provide guidance and support during the book writing process. Myra Hernandez from BTB brought author Sara Fabiny to Mrs. Ramirez’s 3rd grade class to read a chapter from her book. She then took time to explain the writing process, how to do authentic research, and started the process of having students write their findings while being mindful to avoid plagiarizing. Writing coaches came and helped students research using books and resources.